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Westport is a colourful and picturesque town located just 10 minutes from Brannens of Newport. In the past decade or so, Westport has become a tourist hot spot in the summertime. Their lively nightlife, pubs, and restaurants make for a very exciting trip away. Not to mention some of the famous landmarks.


Croagh Patrick.jpg

1. Climbing Croagh Patrick

Newport has it's stunning mountains and hillwalks, but the most famous mountain in Mayo is Croagh Patrick. The mountain is only the third highest in Mayo, but it is definitely the most popular.

The climb starts just a few kilometers from the town of Westport towards Louisburg. It is a challenging climb, with some tough conditions unde rfeet. However, the views from the top make it all worthwhile. Once you reach the peak, you have a view of the islands across Clew Bay, it is something magical.

This year, on April 2nd, there will be a massive climb with Charlie Bird with thousands of people showing interest in the climb. This will be a very big day for traffic on the mountain. 

The history of the mountain, is that St. Patrick himself spent 40 days of Lent on top of the mountain praying and fasting in his effort to convert the Irish to Christianity.

Make sure to bring some water and some snacks along the way, especially if bringing young people. And don't forget to tell everyone how close they are to the top on the way down!

Westport House.jpg

2. Westport House for the Family

Westport has attractions for young and old to head to for the day. For both adults and young people, Westport House is often a crowd pleaser. The house itself is from the Georgian era, and has managed to maintain the beautiful structure. The house and gardens are great for a stroll, especially along the water.

For the kids, the Pirate Adventure Park is a lovely day out. With some attractions for all ages, like the Pirate Queen Swinging Ship and Pirates Plunge Flume Ride. These are a lot of fun for the young thrill-seekers. There is also the Mini-Ferris Wheel and panning for gold available in the park.

The adventure park is a great day out for the family. There are also some events on throughout the year, like the Easter Egg Hunt for children this April. Not to mention some outdoor theatre productions this summer, like David Williams's 'Awful Auntie'.

Westport House can be booked in advance, or tickets can be purchased there on the day. So, it's no harm to book early to be certain.

3. Kids Activities

There are some enjoyable activities for the young folks in Westport. As mentioned above, there is a trip to the Pirate Adventure Park. For more outdoor adventures, take a trip to one of the coastal beaches, like Old Head. 

If you're kids enjoy football, then they will love Footgolf Mayo. Located just outside of Westport town, about 5 minutes drive, is Footgolf Mayo. A mix of golf and football, you have to try and kick the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. This can be a great day out for the whole family. 

Should the weather be an obstacle, then no matter, there is loads to do indoors. Like a trip to the cinema. The W Cinema is open all week and has special family bundles available.

If there's nothing you fancy in the cinema, then why not take the kids to the Wild West! The Wild West Play Village is an indoor play village for kids in Westport. On school holidays they are open 10am-6pm every day. You can book in advance or just pop-in when you want. It can be a great solution if the weather is against you!

Footgolf Mayo.jpg

4. Local Food and Nightlife

Westport is a very popular town for good food and a vibrant nightlife. With plenty of restaurants for all tastes, finding good food is not hard there. The restaurants around the town vary from hearty Irish dishes, Spanish tapas, and authentic French cuisine to name a few. 

In summer they can be quite busy, so booking in advance is definitely recommended.

As for live music, comedy acts, and other shows, the Town Hall Theatre is the place to go. With a busy line-up for this season already being released, there will be lots to see in terms of performers in Westport this year.

For drinks, there are a plenty of pubs to grab a pint or drink and catch up with friends. Westport is also home to some fantastic traditional pubs like ourselves.

When it comes to nightlife, Westport is a lively town town. For young people, the town comes to life at the weekend. With two late night venues and one nightclub in the town.

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