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Walking in the Burrishoole area is a thing of beauty. Newport is located in the parish of Burrishoole. The parish extends across towns and villages, like Mulranny, Tiernaur, out into Glenhest, and encompassing part of the Nephin mountain range. The beauty of wild Nephin is easily accessed through local areas, like Letterkeen, Shramore, and Lettermaghera. All of which are within 10 minutes from Brannens of Newport.

These areas are full of walking loops, and walking trails. Each loop differing in the landscape and terrain, the scenery on these walks are exactly how mother nature inteded them to be. The loop walks travel through boglands, forrests, hillsides, and more. 

These walks range in length and have trails for walkers of all levels. Take a look at some of the most popular walks below. We've given some information on each walk, to help you find the best one for you.

The Bangor Trail

Distance: 24.9km

Experience: Expert

The Bangor Trail is easily one of the toughest hikes in Ireland. The trail follows the path from Newport to Bangor. The trail used to be the main route between the two towns. So, walking this trail is like a setp back in time. For more information on this hike checkout AllTrails here.

Furnace Loop Walk

Distance: 10km

Experience: Beginner-Advanced

Furnace Loop Walk takes you on a fabulous route around the Derradda area, just outside Newport. The walk goes along the Greenway at points, where you walk through boglands and see some of the finest scenery the west of Ireland has to offer. Take a walk along the beautiful Furnace lake and embrace the wilderness. 

Lettermaghera Loop Walk

Distance: 8km

Experience: Beginner

The Lettermaghera Loop is a lovely walk around 9 lakes in Derradda, towards Srahmore. There are are some fantastic viewpoints, where you can stop and look over the lakes. This walk is 8km long and ideal for beginners. The walk is marked out with loop walk poles (waymarkers). Be sure to take some photos along the way.

Oghillees Loop Walk

Distance: 11km

Experience: Advanced

The walk on the Oghillees Loop is the most challenging of the Burrishoole Loop Walks. It is the longest walk, but the landscape is much the same. The area of Oghillees stretches all the way to the top of Bengorm Mountain, at 600m elevation. That is a hike for another day. 

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