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In 2015, the Nephin Begers became the first hill-walking and climbing group in Co. Mayo. The begers started out as a group of friends who enjoyed hiking, walking, climbing, and most importantly the craic. Today, the group still enjoys all of these things and in equal quantities!


After some years, the begers grew in numbers, welcoming young and old, beginners and walking veterans to their ranks. Today, the group walks and climbs the local hills and mountains in the Mayo area, particularly in the Nephin region. Most Sundays, the group can be found climbing in the area, and are very welcoming to walkers joining their adventures. 

Over the past 7 years, they have had some wonderful climbs in Mayo, Ireland and beyond. Take a look at some images from their climbs below.

The Miners Path, Croagh Patrick

January, 2022

Achill Head, Achill

March 2019

Portacloy Loop-Cliff Walk, Co. Mayo

July, 2018

Scaurdan Falls

April, 2018

The Fiddle, Srahmore

July 2017

Interested in joining a hike?

The Begers have been welcoming members on walks for some time. Especially when the group typically climbs or walks once a week. There are some important things to remember if you want to join a walk:

Some climbs are tougher than others!

  • ​The length and difficulty of the walks can vary. Some walks are on more flat land, these can be great for beginners. On the other hand, some climbs take to the hills, and can take up to five or six hours. It's important to know your limits. If you're unsure about a climb, speak with John and he'll give you a good indication of the difficulty. Remember, the group is made up of walkers of all different ages and fitness levels and go at the pace of the slowest walker.

Do not be afraid to join the group

  • Although the climbs range in difficulty, when you do come along, you will be welcomed by all. Remember, the group is made up of walkers of all different ages and fitness levels and go at the pace of the slowest walker. So, it's a great experience to hike some of the locality, with local experts.

Have the right gear for the climb

  • If you come on a hike make sure that you bring appropriate clothing (raingear, hiking boots, warm layers, hat, gloves and scarf). Depending on the weather, you'll need more or less layers. Always prepare for the west of Ireland weather - (i.e. bring a rain coat!).

Bring some food and water

  • I know what you're thinking, sounds obvious, well it isn't. Each trek varies in length and difficulty, so bringing some water and a light snack is very important. Keep the energy levels up with some fruit, a granola bar, or some light snacks. Have your water bottle filled to maintain hydration - if you're lucky you might get a cup of tea, or something stronger.

To find out more info, speak to John about your interest in joining, he'll be more than happy to give you more information.