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A lively, traditional pub on the Main Street of Newport. Home to great craic, friendly faces, and better pints.

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Brannens Bar was founded in 1951. The pub was opened on the 17th of March, on St. Patrick's Day. The pub was opened by William (Bill) Chambers, also known as Bill Brannen, and his brother Paddy. Bill and Paddy opened the establishment as a bar and grocers. This was traditional of the time. The two brothers also ran a travelling shop. A travelling shop was a common thing in the 50's, 60's and 70's. This shop travelled around Newport, Burrishoole and surrounding areas, bringing groceries to homes on each route.


The bar has been opened and running for over 70 years. Bill passed the pub down to his son, and current owner, John. Today, the pub is a lively and traditional spot in the centre of town. There is live music most weekends, and when there's not, there'll be someone there to sing a tune! 

Brannens Bill.jpg

An old photo of Bill Brannen behind the bar.

What's on in the pub?

Pool and Games Room

Our bar is built with sportspeople in mind or those interested in a bit of fun in the pub. There is a pool table, dart board, and jukebox in our lounge area. Not to mention, a roaring fire for those cooler nights. Around Christmas time there is usually a pool competition every Friday night, with some great prizes.

Parties and our Function Room

We are very happy to have a party venue/function room space here in Brannens. The function room is connected to the bar, however, it can be made private for all types of parties. If you have a private function or party coming up, feel free to get in touch about the venue. Call John on: 087 639 1777

Brannens Pool Room.jpg

The "pool room" in action.

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