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For anyone that loves the ocean, Clew Bay is a fantastic location. Along the Wild Atlantic Way, Newport is the ideal kayaking location. Clew Bay is home to hundreds of islands, harbours of fishes, and amazing marine wildlife. Couple that with the interest in kayaking and you have the perfect match. 

Clew Bay is perfect for kayakers of all experience levels. From spring onwards, locals can be seen kayaking along the Black Oak River, which flows from the town of Newport into Clew Bay. The weather plays a big part in the sport, however, beginners can kayak around the river in the town with great ease. Like as seen below.

Newport Kyaks - MCuinn_edited.jpg

Newport Splash Watersports gives people the opportunity to experience this first hand. Splash takes place in the summertime, and kids can adults can join the activities. 

For the kids, they can meet kids their age and have fun in the water. These activities are supervised, and lifejackets are provided for those who sign-up. See some of the old photos below:

For more experienced kayakers, there are some routes you can take. Most notable are the town of Newport to Burrishoole Abbey. The paddle itself takes about X hours, but is a great opportunity to explore the coast along the way.

Not to mention, the opportunity to see some of the local wildlife along this stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way. The ocean life on the coast is a sight to behold. Sealife, like Seals, Kingfishers, and Otters have all been spotted in the Black Oak River, and throughout Clew Bay. 

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